The UB-ONE Foundation originated as a response to the urgent necessity  to develop new solutions for the rising demands of rebalancing the  symbiotic relationship of our global human civilization with nature and the  Earth as a whole.  

We have come to a critical point in history, where our future depends on  prudently developed plans of action implemented in unified and concerted  effort to face our current challenges.   Our vision is to spearhead and support ingenious projects and companies  with vast, measurable and continual impact from our own unique position  and build the necessary bridges and networks across national borders,  generations and industries. 

Our action driven approach tackles our mission to take responsibility and  contribute to the sustainable development of the Earth. We understand that  there is no separation between our human civilization and the earth and  that our futures are intricately intertwined   - as ONE.  


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UB-ONE Foundation
Schlo├čberg 21
69117 Heidelberg